I just wanted to say to everyone that the Kojie San is a good products for us.

What is the Products?

– The products help you to keep your skin looking good and feel good. and i’d also say that even if you have a good complexion, use the Kojie San products and have a better complexion.

About the KojieSan

– The KojieSan is 15 years of successful in the Philippines and now they still successful in our country, the people in the philippines want the product that they have, though you may not see the products on TV ads but many people still see it in the market and buy, yes your right you can see it on the market throughout the Philippines, even the magazines you can also see the products of KojieSan such as Cosmopolitan Magazines, Yes Magazines, Ok Magazines and Candy Magazines.

More about Kojic Acid
From the company

This skin whitening qualities of Kojic Acid gave us an opportunity to create a product that is easily accessible for most users and thus we formulated a bath soup that incorporates this basic ingredient when we launched in 2006 the new Kojie-san Lightening Soap.

Launched only in that year, Kojie-san Skin lightening Soap has seen its bese of loyal users grow phenomenally among women and even some men who have experienced this quality of Kojie-san to make their skin glow with radiance and add to their self confidence.

Early this year, we introduced another soap evolving from the same formulaton with Kojie-san Dream White Anti-Aging Soap.

With this dual success to capture a substatial niche in the personal skin care market, we at BEv are so excited this year as we line up more product introductions to expand the application of Kojic Acid to cover other product categories like skin whitening creams, lotions, and even antiseptics.

We feel blessed with the remarkable seccess of our products. As we pursue dreams high enough, but with feet firmly on the ground, we humbly accept the responsibility set before us to cintinuously research for new technologies in the personal skin care products market. Our users have enjoyed the first fruits of out labor with KOie-san skin lightening Soap, and now have a better understanding that we do not simply offer products to sell and make profit..because now we enlightened to see a higher calling that we offer solutions for Beauty.

from the girl

I specifically use Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap, and after i used the soap, i held my face more smooth-skinned. The soap is good in my skin and when you use it, i know that the soap is also good for you, even in you friends, parents, sisters and brothers, and your grandparents are good it also. Not only as providing the smooth face, the soap can also be fresh you feel.

The Products

Discover a new way to cleanse,
refresh, and remove odor
causing bacteria with the new
My Secret Too!

It cleances and refreshes by
providing a ph balanced natural
formulation that does notinterfere
with the delicate flora balance
of the external genitalia

Pamper yourself all the way from
the face down. Kojie-san Body
Skin Lightening Lotion has the
potent skin clearing capacity of
kojic acid frm Japan combined
with the restoring capabilities of
rose hips. It can restore the skin’s
moisture and suppleness with
regular use

Enriched with kojic acid and
natural plant extracts, Kojie-san
Face Skin Lightening Cream is
a new addition to the KOjie-san
facial regimen that visibly reduces
dark spots and restores the skin’s
suppleness. it also contians the
healing power of rose hips to repair
damaged skin and bring back its
moisture. To top it all, it’s one of
few skin care products in the market
that does not contain cancer-
causing paraben

It’s an indulgence Japanese women
have kept secret all these years.
Kojic Acid, a by-product in the
fermentation process of malting
rice for the making of japanese
rice wine sake, has the potent
properties to lighten skin’s dark
spots and minimize pigmentation

Kojie-san DreamWhite combines
the anti-aging properties of collagen
and elastin in a vanilla-scented soap
bar. Collagen and elastin are
components of the skin resposible
for its strength, elasticity and texture.
However, pollutants in the environment
and people’s extreme lifestyle cause
the skin to deteriorate. With the use
of Kojie-san DreamWhite, prevent the
signes of aging and restore the skin’s



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